Lawyers, Legal Help & Pro Bono Services

The BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association delivers its Lawyer Referral Service , which will present a referral to a neighborhood lawyer willing to take on new matters in a precise region of law. In addition, sometimes lawyers join together and promote their services as a group. In common, most basic plans supply legal suggestions and consultation by telephone and may well also involve brief workplace consultations, critique of uncomplicated legal documents, preparation of a straightforward will, and short letters written or phone calls made by a lawyer to an adverse party. Or if you have been seriously injured or mistreated, a lawyer can help you file a lawsuit. Phone book Yellow Pages and newspaper advertisements could supply info about a certain lawyer.

If you are becoming sued in civil court or you are facing criminal charges, for example, a lawyer can help you realize your rights, and the strengths and weaknesses of your case. And a lawyer can make a large distinction in no matter whether or not you present your side of the story to a judge or jury effectively. If you know any lawyers who practice in other locations of law, ask them if they have any recommendations for lawyers in the area that you need aid with.

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