Witty Bon Mots and Wacky Web Pages

A good web page is always growing, developing, changing, adding new elements, and discarding old ones.  That’s not so easy when the thing you need to change most is the name of the site itself.  We’ve all heard stories of businesses that won’t ever get past the unintentional humor in their name.  The web is full of references to wacky names and misleading sites but they really underscore the importance of choosing a name with the idea of making it memorable and attractive.  Fortunately,  NameCheap that offers domain names for as little as $8 per year.  Don’t let the price fool you.  You can create a dynamic web page that gets your message across beautifully.  The site is easy to navigate, the templates are easy to use and in many cases you simply drag and drop the photos, videos and text into place, add sparkling copy and before you know it, you’re ready to open for business.  Their shared hosting plans offer something for every level, and you can have your WordPress up in under a minute.  Why the rush? Don’t worry, you can take your time, NameCheap is ready to work at your pace.  And if a little information is all you need to, we’ll be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help you reach them.

Before you get started, check out Groupon and look for a deal that will give you a discount on the goods and services offered by NameCheap.  For example, there’s a deal that will shave 25% off basic web hosting that you can apply right now.  And there are other deals and promo codes you can apply that will save even more.

And if you do find that your customers feel confused or mislead by your name, you can buy another and have it point to the site and get the matter cleared up in no time.  Customers give high marks to their customer service experience and love the ease of navigation.  NameCheap makes starting or expanding your web presence as smooth as possible. They’ll handle the back-end of the website, you supply a good name.

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